College subscription and registration information

The departments are chosen according the rates obtained by the students in high school and the desire of the students. The results of acceptance are shown after a competition between students depending on rates and desire. First thing students should do is going to the registration department in the college and get all the information required for registration

New students registration

Registration office gives accepted students the following:-
  • 1-Information form
  • 2-Departments form
  • 3-ID form
  • 4-Students data form

Conditions of admission in the morning studies

  • 1-Submission start when the results of central acceptance appear
  • 2-A file should be received from registration department and a fee must be paid
  • 3-The name of the accepted students should be the same as the name provided in central acceptance and the ID
  • 4-Graduation document certified from the Directorate of Education
  • 5-Students should apply on these departments ( geology, chemistry, physics, biology)
  • 6-A certificate of nationality and civil ID

Highest and lowest rates of acceptance

Highest and lowest rate of acceptance id distributed according to the departments in the following table:

Department highest rate lowest rate
biology 617 546
chemistry 565 533
physics 558 519
Geology 538 521

Knowing that the highest rate acceptance depends on students desire